Screams From The Catacombs

by Cemetery Filth

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Our debut EP


released July 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Cemetery Filth Johnson City, Tennessee

Filthy Death Metal practiced in the ways of the Ancients.

Matt Kilpatrick: Lead Vocals & Guitars
Ryan Guinn: Lead Guitars & Lava Shreds
Devin Kelley: Bass & Vocals
Jonah Turner: Drums

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Track Name: Screams From The Catacombs
Haunting cries never answered - Echoes from below
Hidden caves deep within a cursed forest of old
Victims of a menace, of alien origin and time
The lost travelers in the woods will be drained of all their lives

Screams from the catacombs
Souls are drained away

Appearing out of darkness, ensnaring you with fear
The horror binds you instantly - You'll join the disappeared
Screams growing louder - How deep can you be taken?
Joining now the screaming feast, your mind is forsaken...

Ancient being from forgotten pasts
Leaves minds of its victims aghast
Never should have wandered astray
Prepare to feel life stripped away

Villagers they warn against walking in dark groves
Instant regret of decisions and the path you've chose
Slowly feeding - Forever draining - You'll not be the last
Living darkness, timeless being - You can't escape its grasp

Screams from the Catacombs
Centuries of decay
Track Name: Gateway Among The Graves
Let me tell you of a vision of horrors just beyond
A hike into the wild is where the terror began to spawn
As night set the seventh day I searched to make my rest
What life in the fields above made my mind possessed

Fog crept in with darkness and anxiety took hold
A lack of sleep made me venture up to the plateau
Across the rolling fields there were countless ancient graves
Walking through the maze of stones scribed with chaos estranged

Near the farthest cliff a monolith stretched into the sky
Horrible, the Ancients made it for the hideous divine
Something drew me to its base, my limbs had lost control
My consciousness opened the gate - My mind is what it stole...

Exposure through the aeons and universes beyond the shroud
Ancient horrors and entities but none could match the cloud...

The one made of countless orbs
He who holds the key
Gateway of Ancient's passage
The Gateway that is HE

Returned to life with no sanity
Consciousness is agony
Forever my mind is drawn between
The Gateway and reality
Track Name: Cemetery Filth
The priest of blasphemy performs his task
Commanded by Shub-niggurath
Trapped beyond her realm of power
She finds new ways to feed...
Dead remains rising forth
Infection of the lifeless....

Harvesting the life to feed
a mother of catastrophe
The thousand young serve her now
with faces once loved, deceased
Children of the ancient goat
now forced to serve in husks....

She commands the priest to gather and kill
In the cemetery she's cursed
Gathering power to crack the bonds
To spread her wrath and fill her never-ending thirst

Cemetery Filth harvesting souls
Horrid, festering, destructive mass
Live undead driving forth
To free their ancient mother at last

The priest...
Commanded by Shub-niggurath
Trapped beyond her realm of power
she finds new ways to feed...
Dead remains rising forth
Children of the ancient goat...
Cemetery Filth